Abdominoplasty is for those with stretched out bad skin and or damaged muscles that need to be repaired (ventral hernia). This can be the result of pregnancy. This procedure is not a weight control procedure. Fat is best removed with liposuction. In the event the skin does not contract over time, skin can be resected. This is the safest way to solve this problem. Abdominoplasty is not the best method to manage a fatty abdomen without these other problems.

Surgery time: 3 hours (asleep)

Technique: A low abdominal incision is made at a site marked with you standing up. It should be in a natural location for your abdominal shape. The skin is elevated to the level of your ribs, and the abdominal wall repaired if it needs repair. The skin is then pulled down like a window shade and trimmed to fit. The belly button is pulled though the skin at its normal position.

Preparation: You need to have a physical and be on a high protein diet with vitamins. You need to loose weight to a level you wish to stay at and is suitable for you. You will need to arrange childcare for 7-10 days and someone to be with you the first week both to care for you and to provide transportation for follow up visits. You need to have some loose clothing to wear in the beginning. You want to be well rested before the surgery

Care: You should not be bed ridden. It is better not to eat solid food for the first several days. Protein powder with vitamins and minerals is a good way to keep you from becoming distended. You must get up for meals even if they are protein powder (which is good for the first several days) and to go to the bathroom and such. You should sit in a chair to watch TV. After a few weeks you should feel quite yourself.

Results: Abdominoplasty is a successful procedure. It does not restore elasticity. It can restore a flat abdomen and a narrower waist. In those with less elasticity, there will be some lines when you bend over. When you are undressed most people have a scar. This is a trade for the thin hanging skin and stretch marks.

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