Some men are born with fatty deposits on their chest that are not related to diet, exercise or lifestyle. Some of this tissue is breast tissue, not fat. Breast tissue cannot be suctioned out. You can suction out fat. This is some times called gynecomastia. It is best treated by removing the fat and breast tissue so the skin can conform to the muscle as it would in an athletic guy.

Surgery time: 1 ½- 2 hours

Preparation: Weight loss is usually not an issue and does not help. You need to prepare for surgery by avoiding anticoagulants and having a high protein diet for weeks before the surgery. You should be well rested. You need some one to take you to your first appointment since you can’t drive for the first five days after surgery.

Procedure: The patient and his body type are evaluated. The muscle line is identified along with the area where breast and fatty tissue are removed from the armpit all the way toward the center of the chest. This is where it is most likely to encounter breast tissue. The area above will be equally well cleaned. The incision is very small in the central part of the nipple. It is very hard to find the incision once the patient is healed. Healing and positioning the skin so it will conform to the body is speeded and improved with the use of fibrin glue.

Care: You need to rest after surgery no matter how good you feel. You cannot do manual work or go back to the gym for three weeks. If you do, you will slow your healing and can bruise or make your surgery site swell. Most men are restless because they can’t do what they normally do. No driving for the first 5-6 days. You can go back to work if your job is sedentary. But you cannot do a lot of reaching and stretching and carrying things, which most men are wont to do.

Results: The results are very effective, and better in men with bigger muscles. You can always work out and improve that. The skin incision in the nipple for practical purposed is very hard to find. The skin contracts well in most men and conforms to the chest. Rarely, minor recurrence can occur, due to the use of anabolic steroids.

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