This is best for men and women who lack the projection or definition they desire for this area. When fat padding is lost due to age, sometimes a fat transplant should be considered to restore the lost fill.

Surgery time: About an hour

Preparation: You need to collect pictures to express your desired result and aesthetic taste. Magazine photos can be used for the patient to express the effect desired. This is a good way to discuss implant size. Some people initially want an implant that is too big that would look unnatural over time. For 10 days before surgery, you need to avoid anticoagulants such as alcohol, aspirin, antihistamines, herbal oils, and over the counter feel good preparations

Procedure: The implants must fit and be appropriate. Oversized implants can be noticeable over time. Implants should be used as a necessary for desirable feature change and not to lift sagging facial skin on someone with “good bones.” The implants are frequently placed though the mouth. When this procedure is done in conjunction with a facelift, the facelift incision is used for access.

Care: You need to rest for a day or two. You need to sleep on your back with your head elevated on three or more pillows and not roll over onto your implant for 3-4 weeks. Liquids are mandatory for the first 7-8 days. I prefer low carb protein powder over sugar sweetened products.

Results: Should last a life time

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