The early signs of Sun damage are fine lines and changes in elasticity. Sunscreen and topical treatments will help. An intermediate chemical peel will remove fine lines and tighten skin. To be certain of preserving skin color, the peels must not be drastic and therefore more than one session can be required to maintain a good margin of safety. Chemical peels, when sun avoidance is practiced, can last a very long time. This type of maintenance can keep you in good shape for a long time and either prevent or delay the need for open surgery.

Surgery time: 30 minutes

Preparation: A high protein diet before and during the convalescent period is very helpful. You should stay out of the sun and avoid facials and skin treatments for at least two weeks before your peel.

Procedure: A dilute peel solution is gently applied only on the areas to be treated. This generally is the forehead eyes nose mouth area and selected cheek sites. The neck can be peeled as well as selected areas of the chest and cleavage. Some areas need more than others because of the depth of the line or the thickness of the skin.

Care: The peel is covered with a light film of zinc oxide on completion. Leave this alone until the next day. At that time you wipe off the zinc with a clean tissue and then replace it. Do not reuse tissues. Have a fresh one for each wipe. Many people are fully peeled 5-6 days after the date of the peel. By the 10th day people are fresh baby pink skinned, ready for make up and sun screen. You can be out and about if the peel is not a secret. You need to protect your bedclothes from the zinc oxide, which can be hard to remove.

Results: Intermediate peels reduce lines effectively. To preserve skin color the peel must not be deep. A second or third session may be required to reduce some lines. (The peels which loose skin color are deep peels. The skin was peeled and then sealed with tape for varying periods of time. This is an abandoned technique) The areas frequently peeled are the forehead, frown and smile lines, eye and lip and mouth areas. Lines on the cheeks may be selectively peeled. The neck responds well to light selective peeling as well.

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