If you are healthy you will likely need a facelift sometime. You lift your neck at the same time. It is better to do it when you need it, because you get a better result that lasts longer. Putting off a facelift does not help because it just gets worse and harder to correct. Most people need help by the time they are 55, some at an earlier age. People, men particularly, hesitate for fear of visible scar. The method I use hides the scar well and as a result we take care of many men. Women don’t mind avoiding scars either with today’s short hair styles. The technique I use puts the incision into the ear, into the lower crease behind the ear and ends just above the ear, hidden below the hair line. For practical purposes, there are no scars in the hair or the skin that you see behind the ear. A man can have a crew cut and a woman can have very short hair or wear her hair up.

Surgery time: 3-4 hours (asleep)

Preparation: Before surgery you want to be on a good diet and take vitamins. A thorough physical is required. Lab work and an EKG can be done at that time. You need to arrange to have someone with you the first few days and later someone to drive you to your appointments after surgery. The week after surgery you need to have no responsibilities so you can rest and heal. Clearing the necessary time is important. As with all surgery, in the 10 days before your surgical appointment you will avoid anticoagulants such as vitamin E, antihistamine, alcohol, herbal oils and feel good over the counter medication.

Procedure: Pictures of you, when you were younger, are reviewed so that you look like your younger self rather than just tight. Features change over time and fat pads move. They need to be restored to their proper place and proportion. When that is not taken into account, a stretched look can occur. The face must be re-elevated back into its proper place in order to look natural. Fibrin glue is used to hold the skin in place before it is trimmed to allow accuracy of result. Cyanoacrylate is used to seal the incisions. Dissolvable sutures are used inside to hold the work, and minimally to secure the skin closure

Care: A light bandage is placed for about 24 hours or less, after which there is no need for another one. You are encouraged to shower and wash your hair after the bandage is removed. You will be tired and need to rest for the first several days. You must keep your head elevated on three or more pillows for 3 weeks or so. In the first week to avoid swelling, you want to be on protein powder with vitamins and minerals. After the 5th day, if you are hungry, you can supplement this with no salt egg white omelets. You can get around after the first week. You can go back to work in the second week if you are not keeping your surgery a secret. Some time in the second week you can consider driving. You will have limited head motion when it comes to backing up.

Results: You can look as much as 20 years younger. It is hard to look under 40 because of the changes that occur in the body and skin when you are over 65. You should look like your younger self however. In the course of uninterrupted natural aging, you stop looking at all like your younger self. Healing tends to be good and the incision sites should be very hard to find.

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