Fat transplants restore the natural fullness of the youthful face and can be used to improve features such as helping lips curve and enlarging cheek bone areas or filling deep cheek lines or smile lines. This type of maintenance can keep you in good shape for a long time and either prevent or delay the need for open surgery.

Surgery time: 1-1.5 hours (asleep)

Preparation: You want to collect old pictures of yourself to see where you originally had fat. This is applicable to the upper and lower lids and cheek bone area as well as the lips and sometimes the cheek area. For 10 days before surgery, you need to avoid anticoagulants such as alcohol, aspirin, antihistamines, herbal oils, and over the counter feel good preparations.

Procedure: Under general anaesthesia fat is drawn from a stable location such as the thigh or flank and immediately transplanted to the desired sites. Over correction is avoided because we have had good success with survival of the fat grafts. (Some people will want more fat over a period of time.)

Care: You need to have a day or two to yourself if your surgery is not a secret. If you are not sharing the fact of your surgery allow 7-10 days for healing. Some people heal faster than others.

Results: In our experience fat transplants are very effective and we do not over correct because of that. Some areas, such as when you replace fat in a previously over corrected post-operative eye may need an additional session to restore the fat. Fat is successful at the white line of the lip, the frown and smile lines and under hollowed eyes. Fat can be used to restore the support and position to eye brows that dropped because of loss of fill.

A word about other fillers: Collagen requires a skin test. The others do not. Collagen has the least risk of lumps and is the most moldable of the synthetic fillers. Most last less than 6 months, so that treatment can be required three times a year. By contrast fat is natural, can heal, cannot be felt when you kiss, and lasts a long time. Admittedly it is a graft and it may not all survive. It is reliable and a staple of the plastic surgery regimen.


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