Even the most rugged men show age. Very few of the best preserved men can break 55 without needing some help. Intervening with surgery is entirely reasonable because the scars can be well concealed without using hair or other artifice. We have a post op picture of a guy with a shaved head. In the beginning liposuction alone will help, but when that time is past, facelifts are reliable and risks can be contained and minimized. Face lifts are not just for show people and those in the limelight. At first they call your sir, and not too long after you are ignored. With time you stop seeing yourself in the mirror because of the changes in the position of the fat, muscles and skin of your face. In effect, a facelift is self defense so that you can maintain a virile youthful appearance in an ever younger world. The median age of the US is 39. There is no need to subject yourself to an unpleasant experience of aging. (see the antiaging strategy section for other frontiers.)



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